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Low Cost Automation

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Entry into automation for craftsmen & SMEs

Sojka Automation offers small and medium-sized craft businesses as well as industrial companies an economically interesting entry into automation - with pragmatic solutions from the Low Cost Automation (LCA) business unit. The focus is on simple, intuitive operation and accessibility, always taking into account all safety-relevant requirements. Together with you, we develop the optimal solution for full or partial automation, precisely tailored to your budget and cost specifications. With the help of low-cost automation, internal work steps can be made easier and repetitive tasks can be automated. In this way, you can relieve your production staff, the most important and most expensive resource of your company, of simple tasks or provide them with significant support.

Low Cost
Maximum Effect

Various solutions to streamline your production

Based on the company's existing equipment with tools and machines, a wide variety of processes can be automated with the involvement of the employees. With an appropriate degree of automation, speed and flexibility can be significantly increased while at the same time achieving a high level of acceptance among the workforce.

The robot for everyone - Low Cost Robotics

A wide variety of work steps such as product and packaging handling, machine loading or the guidance of welding sources or glue guns can be automated using intuitively operated low-cost robots. We offer a wide range of solutions with lightweight or collaborative robots (so-called cobots). Thanks to a clear user interface, these are easy to program and can be quickly understood even by users with no prior knowledge of robots.

Everything easily handled – individual manual workstations

When batch sizes fluctuate greatly due to complex assemblies, full automation leads to high investment costs. The sensible alternative: manual workstations, individually adapted to your requirements and work processes. We equip the workstations with manual screwdrivers, displays for assembly instructions or various trays that use visual signals to indicate the upcoming work process. The result: your employees can work ergonomically, structured and quickly.

Low cost, but not off the peg - our special solutions

Not every task can be realised with a robot or a prefabricated solution. Often, pragmatic mechanical-based systems, equipped with a small control system, are clearly more target-oriented. Here, too, we offer know-how and experience to realise the desired added value in your production. Contact us, we will be happy to take on your challenges.

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