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Modul 3

Exponential Modularity and Flexibility

Our Modul 3 is designed to either serve as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on module to our automation cell ISAC®. It provides you with numerous possibilities of configuring your production in more flexible and modular ways. To achieve this, we put particular emphasis on a compact design with the greatest possible flexibility for configuring the interior. This allows for a large variety of process steps to be housed within the Modul 3 and enables simple and straightforward conversion of the system to cater to changing requirements.

You can benefit from the intelligent automation concept of the Modul 3 to deploy it for a large variety of uses:

Working Space Expansion

Flexible mounting options for connecting an ISAC® automation cell

Staff Access

Your operators can access your machines safely and individually

Testing Cell

Enclosed testing area with black-out capability for light-sensitive processes

Manual Workstation

Enables collaborative working through connections with other work cells

Connecting Modul 3 to the intuitive, light-based operator guidance IOG® makes it's integration even easier and more efficient. As with our automation cell ISAC®, we aspired to design this Sojka product with a symbiosis of design aesthetics and functionality in mind. As a result, all surfaces are fully covered and show no visible bolted connections.

Modul 3

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Intelligente Systemlösungen in VR erleben.Intelligente Systemlösungen in VR erleben.Intelligente Systemlösungen in VR erleben.