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Industrial robots and manipulators are generally seen as symbols for a future-oriented, sustainable, and flexible automation.

Sojka Automation employs experienced industrial robotics experts to provide you a with a wide range of processreliable solutions to automate your production processes in regard to material handling, assembly, or workpiece processing. Due to the multitude of robot systems manufacturers such as KUKA, ABB, EPSON, FANUC, or collaborative systems such as the ones by Universal Robots, the possibilities for semi- or fully automating work processes are nearly infinite. We strive to offer you a solution customized to your requirements and circumstances. To achieve this, our highly experienced experts will be at your side, from the conception phase all the way to commissioning. They will demonstrate possible advantages and disadvantages of systems by different manufacturers and discuss options in order to implement a truly perfect and economical solution for your application.The system layout and further implementation is accompanied by a detailed feasibility and reach study as well as a material flow analysis using a digital twin.

Depending on the respective customer’s wishes and frameworks, our systems function either as stand-alone solutions or in-line integrations. We include and integrate all relevant industry 4.0 data interfaces to implement a justintime system visualization including operating data acquisition as well as proprietary control systems and production controls, if desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which robot model is suitable for my application, size of operation, and possible further conversion concepts?

Generally speaking, every industrial robot available on the market exists for a reason. The main differences between models are:

  • Cycle time
  • Repeatable accuracy
  • Range of motion
  • Cleanroom classification
  • Price
  • Optimized connectivity to other system components (cameras, sensors, control systems)
  • User-friendliness

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Which robotic processes is Sojka Automation capable of mapping?

We offer proven knowhow in the fields of: 

  • Path application processes such as welding, bonding, or weld seam testing
  • Processing procedures such as cleaning, resistance spot welding, flow drill fastenings, blind riveting, clinches, stud welding, grinding, or drilling
  • Fusion processes
  • Pick & place applications such as gripping, sorting, or palletizing


How much does a robot system solution cost?

The price range for a complete system solution varies with the complexity of your requirements. Industrial robots, such as 6 or 5 axis robots, or Scara, as a single system component, range between 20,000 and 80,000 euros depending on payload, range of motion, cycle time, and cleanroom classification.


Robot system solutions

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