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Vision Tech

– Inspection made easy

Benefit from powerful visual inspection systems made by Soja Automation that will allow you to monitor a wide range of dynamic processes throughout your value chain. Our vision tech systems are capable of categorizing components in your production by a range of characteristics such as color, outline, position, shape, or surface texture and subsequently analyze and direct them to designated production processes.

Experience the possibilities of transparent production, initiate dynamic optimization processes, and rely on a comprehensively documented testing process that helps you prevent cost-intensive warranty issues. Contact our highly experienced engineers and technicians and talk to them about your specific needs. We will gladly advise you on all aspects such as the system layout, integration into existing systems, and possible further conversion concepts. Together, we will define clear objectives and inspection criteria to set the customized parameters for your new stand-alone or in-line inspection system.

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Vision Tech

Our development principles

What to expect from our systems


Trust process-reliable and proven systems by Sojka Automation and benefit from maximized machine availability.


Our system solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and can be expanded in a modular fashion through existing software and hardware interfaces or converted for additional uses.

Smart handling

Reap the benefits of intuitive machine operation: Optimized training cycles for new employees and shortened operator trainings.

Optimal set-up times

Meet the requirements of modern production technology by benefiting from our setuptimeoptimized systems while maintaining easily manageable product variance.


Standardization and modularity are decisive key factors for success in cost-effectively designing our machines and systems and in providing you all the possibilities of a future-oriented production.

All services under one roof: From concept designing and software construction to manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning. We will assign you a principal contact that attends to you throughout the entire course of the project, coordinates your concerns, and cyclically reports to you.


Aftersales | We Care

After successful commissioning, we are still there for you. Our “We Care” program offers you a comprehensive service and maintenance concept that facilitates maximized machine availability in the long term.This allows you to keep focusing on your core business. 

Benefit from our comprehensive service and maintenance concept!

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Vision Tech

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Intelligente Systemlösungen in VR erleben.Intelligente Systemlösungen in VR erleben.Intelligente Systemlösungen in VR erleben.