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“Technikum” is German for a test bench that is used for testing machines or machine systems under operating conditions.

Rapidly advancing digitization is creating a multitude of opportunities. It poses exciting challenges for all businesses that are involved in the value chain of industrial production. Such challenges need to be mastered. At our Technikum, we offer you the opportunity to carry out feasibility and concept studies and research projects with the help of our stateoftheart production technology. Our space and technologies allow you to cooperate with our customers, partners, and research institutes in order to develop tomorrow’s production systems and test them under real conditions.



Our facility in Pönitz, Germany is conveniently situated in the vicinity of the A4 freeway, close to the bordering federal state of Saxony. The location of the facility offers the best conditions for sustainable working and futureoriented technologies, as it is situated close to Chemnitz and Zwickau, which have a history of mechanical engineering and are within the impact radius of leading automotive manufacturers.

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Producing Companies – You want to operate smoothly.

Get in touch with us and describe the challenges the market of today and tomorrow is imposing on you. We will surely find a fitting solution together based on our solution knowhow in the fields of software, robotics, and process technology. The Technikum allows you to test a large variety of processes and technologies and conduct feasibility studies with your preseries products under real operating conditions. You will receive a precise analysis as well as written and visual documentation. The resulting knowledge will subsequently be used in the design of your new production system. This lets us provide you with the security to make a substantiated investment. You will get to have closer look at solid, futureoriented production technology by Sojka Automation.

Mechanical Engineers – United by similar challenges.

Innovative thinking is a state of mind. If your business demonstrates this spirit during daytoday operations just as much as we do, we kindly invite you to our Technikum. Let’s work together to develop and test new concepts, united in the ambition to build the world’s best machines. Be it bin picking, vision tech, machine tending. or HRC applications, we are looking forward to working on joint projects.

Research institutions – Break new ground with us.

Are you planning an interesting project in the field of automation technology, or are you looking for a reliable, costefficient testing facility for material or raw material testing? The Technikum provides you with ideal conditions for your project. We will gladly assign you capacities and support you in well-structured working practices in following fields:

At the Technikum, Sojka Automation sets a new standard for presenting complex special machines and automation systems by visualizing them in virtual reality. This allows you to experience the full performance of planned systems even before mechanical assembly has commenced. Virtual reality and cinematization allows us to visualize nearly all actuators and components that are part of the planned production process as early as during the opportunity phase. This allows us to:

  • Check machine ergonomics for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Estimate cycle times and external influences by using light
  • Assign employees and operators with clearlydefined work flows
  • Assess optimal material flows
  • Design processes more efficient and anticipate possible design changes

All gained knowledge is subsequently incorporated into the design as part of a final development loop taking into account the customer’s requirements. Deploying VR enables us to work more resourceefficiently. The practical value gained from this holistic approach is a decisive factor to successfully completing our systems within the set budget, time frame, and process optimization.

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