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Collaborative systems

– Flexible and intuitive automation

As a certified Universal Robots systems integrator, Sojka Automation offers you a wide range of easytouse collaborative automation solutions.

Benefit from versatile application possibilities that arise from the using robots in open working spaces.

We cater to the needs of small and medium sized businesses: Flexible modular utilization and conversion concepts. Thanks to intelligent force/torque sensor technology by Universal Robots, we are capable of developing systems customized to your requirements that allow for humans and robots to operate either in a shared working space or separated by a protective barrier. We offer powerful stateoftheart system concepts for almost every conceivable production environment, from industrial production to the craft sector, that provide you added value by increasing productivity and facilitating reproducible quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cobot, or a collaborative robot for short?

A cobot, short for collaborative robot, is a robot that can operate in a shared space with human workers during the production process without the need to be spatially separated by protective barriers.


Why doesn’t Sojka Automation exclusively offer intelligent robot automation with cobots?

Cobots as a system component are suitable for a wide range of applications in the field of robotics.The limits for the application of cobots, however, are founded in their range of motion, payload, and the upper limits of external influences.For more information on payload, range of motion, and external influences, please consult our illustration or contact one of our experts in the robotics department.


How much does a cobot automation solution cost?

The investment needed for a comprehensive automation solution with cobots depends on your requirements and the complexity of the system as a whole. The payback period for a cobot as a single system component varies with your utilization targets but it can be as low as 35 days depending on your application.


Collaborative systems

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